5 Reasons To Wear Lehengas on Wedding

From years Indian brides are wearing sarees in weddings. Now that trends seem to be changing with the change in culture and lifestyle. Lehenga is a hot favourite option for brides these days. On social media, in every pre-wedding, wedding, post-wedding photo shoot you can see brides wearing beautiful lehengas. If you are wondering whether to wear lehenga or not here I give you 5 reasons to wear lehengas on the wedding :


1. Unique: Sarees are very common in weddings. If you want to go for something unique, wear best bridal lehenga on your wedding. You are the justify of attraction on the wedding so you should wear something different to stand out. If you try to do something unique with saree, you have to go for heavy designer sarees which are very costly as compared to lehenga. There are even options to be creative with lehengas. You can pair lehenga with waist long kurti, wear a backless choli, wear long and regal jackets. You can drape dupatta in a princess veil, the half veil over head, side shoulder fall, cape style draping etc. to achieve a unique look.

2. Variety: You can find more varieties in wedding lehengas as compared to sarees. There are different types of fabrics, colours, prints, cuts and designs. From bride to bridesmaids everyone can wear lehenga of a different style. Varieties of lehengas are available in the market that can suit every body type and skin colour.

3. Comfort: The main reason most of the brides go for designer bridal lehenga is the comfort it provides. Lehenga is easy to wear and handle as compared to traditional Indian sarees. Draping saree requires years of experience and expertise. Lehenga is simple to wear and you can wear it like saree. You can even use your lehenga with the different blouse and different dupatta on family functions.

4. Shop online: Rhe best thing about designer lehengas is that they are available online easily. Most of the online portals have an amazing collection of lehengas in all sizes. You no more need to go to shops and waste your time. Just order lehenga online and if you don’t like it, just return or exchange it.

5. Youthful: Lehenga looks more youthful and stylish than saree. Saree gives you more mature look. To look vibrant and younger on your wedding day wear lehenga instead of saree. Lehengas suits every body type. Whether you are slim, fat, thin, short or tall, you will rock it with lehenga. Plus size women should avoid broad or widthwise patterns on lehenga, just like avoid lighter shades and go for dark colours. Solid colours give the slimmer illusion. It is better to avoid horizontal stripes for plus size women. Indo western dresses are also a good choice when you are attending the wedding. Do you want to know why?

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